Matt Flynn: Take the Money and Run

Matt Flynn: Take the Money and Run

Since the failed attempt by the Miami Dolphins to secure future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning, they seem to feel they need to fill a void at that position.

Their answer seems to be in Matt Flynn, an unproven backup from the Green Bay Packers. Flynn only has two starts under his belt and brings a lot of unknowns to a team.

Both the Seattle Seahawks and the Dolphins seem to be vying for his talents. He is currently visiting with the Seahawks and is scheduled to meet with the Dolphins next.

But do the Dolphins really truly need his talents? They already have Matt Moore who played in thirteen games last year and finished the season with nearly 2500 yards passing, sixteen touchdowns, and nine interceptions. Should the Dolphins stay with him and see if he lives up to potential? He has more starts than Flynn does afterall and is already establishing a relationship with the other players in the locker room.

The inevitable circus that will be exploited by Flynn’s agents working the Seahawks and the Dolphins against each other for a more lucritive contract, could be the final chapter of an unsuccessful free agent season for both teams.

The Dolphins have other needs that they should be focused on besides the quarterback position. They just traded Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears and are now without a number one receiver.

There have been some big name receivers that have already gone off the board while Miami was focused on Manning, such as Randy Moss and Reggie Wayne.

Can they afford to wait any longer to acquire an impact receiver? Time will tell where new head coach Joe Philbin chooses to focus his efforts to “right the ship”.

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