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Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning a free agent.  That is now old news but the question still remains about where he will sign.  We should know within the next week where he decides to hang his hat for the next few seasons before retirement.

My money is on the Miami Dolphins.  All you have to do to understand why this is the most logical choice is to look at what the Dolphins have to offer Manning.

Offensive Line: The Dolphins are stacked here.  You have Jake Long who is the anchor at left tackle and just a behemoth in stature.  Next to him you have veteran Richie Incognito.  And don’t forget the very talented Mike Pouncey at center.

Backfield: In the backfield you have arguably one of the best one two combos going into the 2012 season with Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas.  These guys are electrifying, as long as they stay healthy.  That is the real question because they basically had to carry the Dolphins offense last season.  And the answer?  Peyton Manning.

Receiving: At the wide receiver position you have Brandon Marshall who is just phenomenal and Anthony Fasano, a very talented Tight End.  Manning likes to spread the ball around and when they pick up free agent Reggie Wayne it will really help Manning’s available targets.  You might remember Wayne from his days as a Colt and Peyton’s favorite target for many years (from 2004 to 2010 he had over 1,000 yards receiving with Manning, and just barely missed that goal in 2011 due to injuries).

Defense: Manning wants the ball.  The Dolphins defense can allow that to happen. Their defense is stout and can stop the run setting up long distance 3rd down plays resulting in turnover on downs.

Weather: After having neck surgery Peyton will want to stay away from cold weather as much as possible.  What better place than Miami for that?  I have known many people who have received this type of surgery and one thing they all say is that the cold really bothers them.

There are many teams that have made their interests known but few that actually stand a chance.  The Dolphins should have a new quarterback in the next week.

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